Manó-Világ Ltd. was founded in 2011 and is a company working solely with children. I am Horváth Mónika, founder and Director. I completed my studies and received a degree in Communication at Pepperdine University in California. After moving back to Hungary, I continued my studies and acquired my degree in English teaching. As an English teacher (with several years of experience) and as a mother, I find it important for children to start learning English as a foreign language at a young age and have a positive first experience. This is the reason I founded Manó-Világ Ltd.

Our philosophy
We believe that language learning in early childhood is effective only if the learning process is built into the child’s general development, and so our programs add to the entirety of the child’s personality. The most effective language learning in childhood is language acquisition, which can best be achieved by creating a bilingual environment.
This is what we realize in our kindergarten groups and school classes, incorporating our program into the Hungarian local educational system with the guidance of native English teachers. We have developed our program to fit into the Hungarian educational system, providing the possibility to build the foundation for bilingualism and effective language acquisition.
Mónika Horváth