Our Team




Director, English teacher

I was born into a family of teachers. My parents have been working in sports education with kindergarten and school children for over 30 years. I played competative tennis starting in childhood and going into early adulthood. Thanks to my international sports achievments and my academic achievments, I was granted a sports scholarship in the United States, and so I had the opportunity to complete my college education there. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in communications at the Californian Pepperdine University and after completing my studies I moved back home. I felt that the field of pedagogy was always closest to me, so I continued my studies at the College of Nyíregyháza and received a degree in English language teaching. I have taught English language for adults as well as coorporations, but I always enjoyed working with children the most, so that is the reason I decided to choose this area of language teaching. My two children are Zina (aged 8) and Miksa (aged 2).


​English Headteacher

Attracted to the unique opportunity here, Mark Lakeman is pleased to be part of the English acquisition programs.  Throughout his 15 year career as an Educator, he has found that working with youth is the most rewarding. First as an Early Childhood Education professional, and then as a California Certified Multiple Subject Elementary school teacher,  Mark spent 8 years in classrooms.  Before moving to Hungary, he was asked to run afterschool programs for children with The Boys and Girls Clubs of America and to manage sports activities for over 6,000 young athletes.  Since arriving in Budapest, Mark has put his specific California CLAD (Cross-cultural, Language & Academic Development) training and TESOL/TESL certification to use as an English Language teacher. When English Language acquisition programs were instituted in District 13, Mark Lakeman responded enthusiastically.

“As soon as I saw the possibility to work with children in a classroom atmosphere supported by the extensive Hungarian educational resources, I asked to join and to contribute my unique abilities!”


English Headteacher

I grew up in the United States and spent some years travelling. I am currently living in Budapest. Teaching English has been a big part of my life and most of all I enjoy working with young children. I am proud to be a part of the Manó Világ team and have been working in the program since 2011. I was fortunate enough to start with the Dolphin group, with lots of smart and lively children. I really loved spending so much time with them on a daily basis and seeing them grow and develop their English skills. In 2013 I also joined the afternoon school program as a drama teacher. Together with the children we prepared some wonderful shows throughout the year and are still expanding our theatrical experiences together. I look forward to each new year and enjoy learning together with the kids.
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I LEARN.” (Anonymus)


​English Teacher

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada,I was fortunate enough to spend my elementary school years in the French Immersion program. Which is a part of the Canadian Bilingual Eduacation Program and “similar” to the work that we are doing here in PityPang and Csata.
After I finished my sculpture studies in Toronto at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU) I began a few years of travelling mainly in Europe. I taught English, Art and played Music to fund my travels. Currently I live just outside of Budapest in the good little town of Göd, with my two boys, wife and dog. Helping people, but mainly children to have fun while gaining a better understanding of language and the arts has always been a goal of mine. These experiences have all helped me to grow on this never ending journeyof becoming a more patient,compassionate, communicative and creative teacher.


English teacher

I am an American from Huntington Beach, California. I have been living in Budapest for the past three years with my Hungarian wife and our two-year-old son. I studied teaching for elementary school children at California State University-Long Beach where I graduated with honors on the Dean’s list. I have been teaching business English in Budapest for the past three years, as well as teaching children at various kindergartens here in Budapest. I love children, especially playing with them, and I am very excited about teaching them English and helping them to develop socially and academically. I have a strong background in science, history and geography. I enjoy traveling, camping, all sports, photography, astronomy and cooking. I look forward to teaching and playing with your children.


English teacher

The newest member of the team, I am Canadian and Australian but have lived in Hungary for the last 10 years, where I love to live and work. I am a MUSICIAN and a SOCIOLOGIST, as well as a trained ENGLISH TEACHER. I’ve been teaching English through music by my own designed Magical Musical English program for kindergarten-aged children since 2006 which I developed after working in Hungarian bi-lingual kindergartens in Budapest. I incorporate the Kodaly method as well as English songs and my personal favourite tunes. I translate songs, write songs, use traditional songs and sing to the children all day long, bringing my guitar and incorporating rhymes and music into all aspects of life in the kindergarten. I have also worked in kindergartens in Australia using this Kodaly-inspired method. I graduated from CEU with a Masters in Sociology last year focusing my research on Hungarian sociology and now that my son is 3 years old, he and I will join the Pitypang team together. I am really excited to be working in the Pony group and having seen and worked in several kindergartens in Budapest, I know a good program when I see one, and this is honestly the best one I have ever seen and feel really lucky to be the newest part of the team.


Angol nyelvtanár / English Teacher

I am a Hungarian/American, born and raised in NYC to Hungarian parents. I attended college and graduate school in Chicago, and finished with a Master’s Degree in English Literature from DePaul University. In the spring of 2014, I obtained an ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching certification, in order to expand my teaching skills to other groups. I have been caring for and tutoring children of all ages for over ten years, and for the past year since moving to Budapest, I have been teaching ESL to high school students and adults in groups and on an individual basis. Additionally, since relocating to Hungary, I have been copy-writing and editing for various Hungarian startup companies. I look forward to joining the BGAC group and contributing my language skills to young students!