Pitypang Kindergarten of the 13th District

pitypang-Tagóvoda-300x225At our kindergarten we strive to provide a safe, secure, loving and caring environment for the children. We feel that a significant part of our job is to promote a healthy lifestyle for the children, both in a physical and emotional sense. We strive to exemplify a modern healthful way of living, physically, emotionaly, and socialy in a harmonious way:
• For physical health we emphasize hygiene, exercise, movement development as well as modern nutrition.
• Besides cognitive development and emotional health, our aim is to provide an emotionally stable environment and help children develop a harmonious personality.
• We strive to achieve a harmonious sense of community and social life through social interactions in the children.
To achieve our aims and tasks, we apply the instruments of arts, through which children are able to express themselves and express their emotions through art crafts, music, stories and drama activities.