Csata Utcai Általános Iskola in the13th District

csata-iskola-300x197Our institution is one of the oldest in the district, which opened its gates in 1911. The more than 100-year-old historic building has been declared a protected monument since 2000.
As recognition of my years spent as an educator, I have received the Pro Scholis Urbis award, the Qualitative Education and Teaching title and several of my staff members have been honored with national awards. As a result of our educational duties for sustainable development, we have received the titles of Eco- and Bird-friendly school. In 2013 we became one of the Registered (Talent) Centers of the National Talent Support Council.
Our school’s main profile is foreign language teaching. With Manó-Világ Ltd.’s contribution, our school has been enriched with a Hungarian-English bilingual program as of September, 2013. Elementary students in our bilingual classes are taught according to the Curriculum Framework, while the English language program, taking place in the afternoons, involves the BGC of Hungary curriculum.